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22nd September 2020

Boris Johnson today announced Retail Staff  must wear a face mask from Monday. We (KEEP BRITAIN SAFE) called for this to be implemented with Richard Graham (MP for Gloucester) when we recently wrote to him and hopefully many others called for this too.

We also expressed this when we were interviewed by Gloucestershire Live some time ago, as well as on our other radio interviews. It was an absolute absurdity that a retail customer must wear a face mask, but a retailer who has encountered many people in the day did not have to.

We have worn ours since 15th June, not because it was law, but because it is the RIGHT thing to do. We all have choices to do the RIGHT thing, especially where the law is slow to catch up as it was in this case!

Now, most will know how we feel about face mask exemptions. They are senseless in terms of this virus. We are at war with a killer (Covid-19). We are not scientists, nor do we pretend to be, but we are business owners who give a damn about us, about our shop and about YOU, our customers.

So taking that we are "at war", when this country was in "The War", it was an offence at certain times to leave a light on as that caused death as the enemy could easily see you and it put at severe risk the lives of not only yourself, but everyone else around you as they could get bombed. The result was still the same. If someone needed their light on because they might need a drink in the middle of the night and was ill, or whether someone just preferred the light on because it was their right to choose a light. It meant that people could die as a result of a bombing attack.

Here is no different. Someone without a mask, is a room with a light on......We are at war and we will not win while we refuse to turn the lights off. No, we do not mean exempt people should die, before people jump on that one, we mean that people should try much harder to wear a mask and if necessary limit the amount of times they go out even. Someone without a mask could spread a virus if they have it, regardless of the reason. 

The most selfish thing we have heard this year is when we said to some face mask exempt people about wearing a mask that they could still pass on a virus if you have it, they replied "I know, but I can't wear a mask". These people were prepared to spread the virus so long as they do not have to be inconvenienced or uncomfortable by wearing a mask. This is STILL NOT being addressed. There will still be many retail staff who are "Exempt". And so it will carry on....It will help, along with the other measures, but will it help enough. A real stance needs to be taken. Talk is tough, but actions speak louder. It is within us all to decide how we act.


15th September 2020

We are sat here in our retail shop looking out the door (we are in a shopping mall), and the amount of people we see walking past not wearing a face mask is totally ridiculous! - WHY? - Why are you not wearing a mask? - What is the matter with you? - We are now facing additional restrictions (ie: the rule of 6 that the Government has just introduced), due to the fact that the infection rate would appear to be on the increase! - So get with the programme and start to do your bit - we are all meant to be in this together, so remember this, - we wear our mask for you - why don't you wear your mask for us?


01st September 2020

We attach this link below that we think is quite a good guide to show to both your staff and also as a guide for us all. If you are a retailer you could even show this to anyone that comes in your shop.

Wearing a face mask is an absolute must! - But this is no good unless the mask is worn correctly!!

If you are a retailer don't be afraid to confront people coming into your shop if they are not wearing their mask/covering correctly in order to inform them of the correct way to wear it. In our retail shop we do this all the time and in the main most people get the fact that you are doing what needs to be done. Remember, making excuses not to do the right thing is only making an excuse for Covid-19 to take hold once again - do you really want that on your conscience! - As a retailer it is within your gift to do something about it - SO DO IT!

We often hear how retailers put customers at the heart of their business. Now is the time to prove it! - PROTECT THE CUSTOMERS WHO COME FOR SHOPPING OR SERVICES FROM TAKING AWAY MORE THAN THEY DESERVE!

How to wear a face mask. Click HERE for video


19th July 2020

This issue is indeed a very emotive issue!

Many people do indeed have very strong views on this subject.

There has been many debates in relation to the effectiveness of wearing face masks that are deemed non Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), ie: non medical grade ones, called face coverings by the government.

However the current general consensus of opinion which is supported by many medical professionals including the World Health Organisation (WHO) is that the universal wearing of face coverings amongst the general population does indeed limit the potential spread of Covid-19.

As of 24th July 2020 the government has said that wearing a face covering in shops will become mandatory, with some exceptions due to actual or perceived disabilities. 

As business owners and Directors ourselves we have adopted a blanket policy in our retail store. A blanket policy of no mask, no entry. This is truly in our belief the only safe policy to adopt, not only from our customers point of view but also from a staff perspective.

We have talked to many of our customers who frequent public transport and they have said that they are appalled at the fact that the bus drivers they have encountered have not enforced the mandatory face covering rule on their buses. We have also heard from other customers who frequent the train that again lack of enforcement to the face mask rule is also the case! One person we spoke to said that he was the only one wearing a face mask in a carriage of around 15 other people. 

This lack of consistency to what people perceive as the rules only breeds resentment as well as fear amongst people. 

We as as a retailer ourselves do not want to be talked about in a negative way like the above mentioned bus drivers and train companies are! We also do not want to feel that we as a company have let the public and our customers down by not enforcing something that is deemed as mandatory.

All businesses are afraid to lose customers but to what extent are we willing to sell our soul for the sake of a sale? - It takes courage, but we have found that if you stick to your guns, in the long run you earn respect by not bowing down to minority public opinion and not enforcing an issue that is in fact law!

So our view is this: Mandatory hand sanitiser and mandatory face masks/coverings upon entry to our store! - Protect your customers and protect your staff and have the courage of your convictions and be proud of the fact that you are!

In other words, KEEP BRITAIN SAFE - For all of us!